Please take some time and watch the webinars listed below regarding compliance

All payroll paystubs are sent out by Fridays. Please review your paystubs. The cut off time to notify head office for any errors or discrepancies is Monday mornings before 9:00am. Please notify Estrela Medeiros or Anne Doyle before we finalize the payroll deposits to your accounts.

Wondering about a commission that has not yet been paid out?
The fastest way to get confirmation of payment is to use the format to the right of this box and fill in all data for your file in question. Send an email to with all the data required.
Ensure that you have already sent in the compliant file to and that you have received an email in return stating file complete. If you have not yet received an email confirming all is compliant – follow up regarding the file first.

• File Number:
• Applicant Full Name:
• Co-Applicant Full Name:
• Guarantor Full Name:
• Lender:
• Mortgage Amount:
• Mortgaged Property Address: