We have a Central Underwriting Department that you are able to utilize if you wish.  Please click the following link for an outline of services offered.  For more detailed information about pricing please contact us at 905-334-1929 or email us here


Important Information:

You need to include the following in your CUU submission:

  • Ensure that the application fits your selected lenders guidelines Very Important
  • Validate your application, complete with home and business telephone numbers
  • Ensure the lenders notes are completed and include the date and time the client’s consent was obtained
  • Credit bureaus must not be older than 30 days
  • Copy the application for your records. Please note that once this application has been sent to Central Underwriting it will not be sent back regardless of the final approval status
  • No pre-approval applications, only live transactions can be reviewed
  • Allow for sufficient timing to obtain financing for purchase transactions
  • Applications will not be accepted with conditions on finance of less than 3 days
  • A complete file must be received no later than 15 business days from the funding date
  • Any changes to the transaction is to be communicated via email to Underwriter@RMABroker.ca
  • All documents to the transaction is to be sent via fax only 905-845-6092 or 1-866-955-7624