Expert Help Desk Number
The number for the Expert Admin Help Desk is

When you call you will need to provide information on your personal Expert ID such as your login name.  They may even ask for your email address or phone number.  Make sure you know which is attached to your Expert ID.  The information that you filled out on the HR forms would tell you what information Filogix has on record.

They will give you a ticket number.  Please record this number.  If ever you can’t get a situation resolved through the help desk please email RMA Head Office at and quote the ticket number that you were give and the issue that you are having.  This will help get the issue resolved quickly.

Online Expert Training Information
For help with the Expert system, D&H has an online training session that you can do at your own pace.  This will help you learn the program.

To access:  Go to  HYPERLINK “” and click on the Learning Centre link which will lead you to eLearning.
eLearning is a self-directed course that allows you to learn how to use Filogix Expert® at your own pace.  It is adaptable to different knowledge levels and offers interactive features, step by step visual guides, quizzes, and FAQs.
Here are some benefits to using eLearning:
Ability to learn a new computer application at your own pace, just-in-time training, delivering knowledge on-demand, learning is tailored to your needs.  Everyone learns at a different level and eLearning is able to accommodate all levels.  Able to measure your progress and test your knowledge as you go, in a fast-paced world, eLearning can fit into your schedule, flexibility – you can “bookmark” eLearning and come back to it when you have time
Completing the eLearning course will help you to use Filogix Expert® and understand its functionality.  Your user id and password for eLearning is:
user id: (LAST NAME FIRST INITAL) DOEJ (use your personal login, this is just an example)
password: expert  (this is always the same for all users to access the Online Training)

Note:  All login information is non-transferable.