Private Lending
The RMA “Alt” Lending HUB and Vario Mortgage Investment Corp. are extremely excited to
introduce the Residential Mortgage Lending Program.
As traditional lenders continue to tighten mortgage lending guidelines based on increasing
restrictive government legislation, the need for alternative or private lending partners will
continue to increase. These lending partners will be even more integral to successful mortgage
broker operations in the future as traditional lending restrictions squeeze out what were once
“easy” approvals.
In order to keep pace with industry changes, and to facilitate more approvals for you, Vario
Mortgage Investment Corp. is here to help.
With a straight forward lending program, and a common sense lending approach, Vario
Mortgage Corp. will assist you in getting more deals done. Period.
Key program hi-lights:
* Up to 90% LTV for MLS purchase deals (subject to income and credit requirements)
* Up to 85% LTV for refinance deals (subject to income and credit requirements)
* No TDS restrictions
* No Minimum Beacon Score
* Rental Properties or Multi Family accepted
* Lending in all of Ontario
* Extremely fast approvals and deal closing capability
* 1st and 2nd mortgages available
Quick and easy submission process through our website
For Investors:
Invest in something you know, Mortgages!
Underwriting, administering and collecting your own mortgages may be an option, but it certainly
can become overwhelming. Additionally, large sums of capital would be required to invest in
only one or two mortgages.
Investing in a mortgage investment corporation has many benefits. The lending risk is spread
over a pool of mortgages instead of lending on just one or two loans. You can invest with
registered plans and re-invest the profits to maximize returns. Mortgage investment corporations
in Ontario are licensed with FSCO and are required to adhere to specific codes of conduct.
It is extremely important to select a mortgage investment company with a strong management
team. Vario Mortgage Investment Corp. is fortunate to have a management team made up of
industry veterans with specific experience in Underwriting Operations, Sales, IT and Investor
Relations. This wealth of knowledge is key to the success of the investment fund.
Anticipated returns are expected to be in the 7-10% range per annum.
Minimum investment of $25,000 required.
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